Gas Turbine

Gas Turbine .

Specification: Gas Turbine

  • Function and behaviour during operation of a gas turbine
  • Single-shaft arrangement for operation as jet engine
  • Two-shaft arrangement for operation with power turbine
  • Start-up fan to start the gas turbine
  • Asynchronous motor with frequency converter as generator

Technical Data

  • Gas generator (compressor and turbine)
  • Speed range: 60000...125000min-1
  • Max. pressure ratio: 1:2,2
  • Max. mass flow rate (air): 0,125kg/sec
  • Max. fuel consumption: 120g/min
  • Fuel nozzle pressure: 2,5...4bar

Power turbine

  • Speed range: 10000...40000min-1
  • Mechanical power: 0...2kW
  • Electrical power: 0...1,5kW
  • Sound level at 1m distance: max. 80dB(A)

Operation as jet engine

  • Thrust measurement: 0...50N
  • Sound level at 1m distance: max. 110dB(A)

Measuring ranges

  • Temperature: 6x -200...1000°C / 1x -40...1300°C
  • Speed: 0...199999min-1
  • Electrical power: 0...1999W
  • Fuel mass flow rate: 0...10kg/h
  • Fuel supply pressure: 0...25bar
  • Fuel nozzle pressure: 0...4bar
  • Combustion chamber pressure loss: 0...50mbar
  • Pressure, turbine inlet in gas generator: 0...2,5bar
  • Pressure, power turbine inlet: 0...250mbar

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