Gas Turbine Jet Engine

Gas Turbine Jet Engine

Gas Turbine Jet Engine .

Specification: Gas Turbine Jet Engine

  • Experiments relating to the function and behaviour during operation of a jet engine
  • Gas turbine with radial compressor and axial turbine as jet engine
  • Single-shaft engine
  • Protective grating for the jet engine
  • Turbine mounted on moving base with force sensor for thrust measurement
  • Electric starter for fully automatic start-up
  • Additional remote control for display and control of the jet engine

Technical Data

Jet engine

  • Max. thrust: 82N at 117000min-1
  • Speed range 35000...117000min-1
  • Fuel consumption: max. 22L/h (full load)
  • Exhaust gas temperature: 610°C
  • Sound level at 1m distance: max. 130dB(A)
  • Fuel: kerosene or petroleum + turbine oil
  • Starting system: electric starter 
  • 1 tank for fuel: 5L

Measuring ranges

  • Differential pressure: 0...150mbar
  • Combustion chamber pressure: 0...2,5bar
  • Temperature: 2x 0...1200°C / 1x 0...400°C
  • Speed: 0...120000min-1
  • Fuel consumption: 0...25L/h
  • Force: 0...+/-200N

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