Impulse Turbine

Impulse Turbine .

Specification: Impulse Turbine

  • Investigation of a compressed air driven axial impulse turbine
  • Transparent front panel for observing the operating area
  • Distributor with 4 nozzles
  • Selectable number of nozzles
  • Applying a load to the turbine by using the band brake
  • Setting the primary pressure with the pressure reducing valve
  • Valve and flow meter for setting the flow rate
  • Solenoid valve as a safety device to prevent over speed
  • Determination of the torque on the turbine shaft using a force sensor
  • Measurement of the turbine speed with an optical speed sensor
  • Manometer for displaying pressures on the inlet and outlet side
  • Digital display of speed, torque and temperature

Technical Data

  • Axial impulse turbine
  • Max. power: 50W at 15000min-1


  • Diameter: 55mm
  • Number of blades: 28


  • 4 nozzles, number can be selected
  • Entry and exit angle: 20°

Measuring ranges

  • Temperature: -20...1100°C
  • Speed: 0...40000min-1
  • Torque: 0...10Ncm
  • Flow rate: 25...315L/min
  • Inlet pressure: 0...2,5bar
  • Outlet pressure: 0...0,1bar

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