Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal Pump .

Centrifugal Pump 

  • Variable-speed pump with similar performance characteristics to pump in Hydraulics Bench
  • Mounted on floor-standing plinth with variable speed inverter drive
  • Discharge manifold with flow control valve and pressure gauges
  • All hoses and fittings supplied for easy connection to Hydraulics Bench in either series or parallel configuration
  • Educational software
  • Item




    Centrifugal type

    Max head 21m H2O

    Max flow 1.35 l/s


    Motor rating


    Speed controller

    Frequency inverter

    Speed range

    0-1500 rpm


    Pressure gauge

    0-60m H2O


    Compound gauge

    -10 to +32m H2O

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