Simulation Of A Gas Turbine

Simulation Of A Gas Turbine .

Specification of Simulation Of A Gas Turbine

 Simulated operation of a gas turbine system

  1. Modification of 9 system parameters using potentiometers
  2. Software calculates: air ratio, pressure ratio of compressor, efficiency, mass flow rates of gas and air, drive shaft power and generator power


Technical Data


  1. 9 potentiometers for the setting of
  2. Intake pressure: 0...2bar abs.
  3. Intake temperature: 0...100°c
  4. Max. Pressure ratio at max. Speed: 0...10
  5. Fuel mass flow rate, valve position: 0...100%
  6. Fuel pressure: 0...10bar
  7. Max. Combustion chamber temperature:
  8. 500...1500°c
  9. Efficiency compressor/turbine: 0...100%
  10. Efficiency power turbine: 0...100%
  11. Generator load: 0...100%

 Inputs and outputs

 16x analogue in, 1x analogue out

  1. 4x digital in/out

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