Axial Steam Turbine

Axial Steam Turbine .

  1. Single-stage axial impulse turbine, mounted in corrosion-resistant, sealed ball bearings
  2. Load on the turbine by eddy current brake
  3. Condenser with water-cooled coiled tube
  4. Steam supply from steam generator
  5. Various safety devices for safe operation
  6. Sensors and digital indicator for speed, temperature, pressure and flow rate

Technical Data

  1. Single-stage axial impulse turbine
  2. Impeller inner diameter: 54mm
  3. Max. Speed: 40000min-1
  4. Max. Inlet pressure: 9bar abs.
  5. Max. outlet pressure: 1bar abs.

Measuring ranges

  1. Pressure
  2. Steam inlet:  0...16bar
  3. Condenser: 0...1,6bar
  4. Differential pressure: 0...50mbar
  5. Cooling water flow rate: 0...720l/h
  6. Speed: 0...50000min-1
  7. Torque: 0...70nmm
  8. Temperature: 0...400°C

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