Energy Balance Apparatus .

Experimental Capability of Energy Balance Apparatus

  1. Energy balance and the first law of thermodynamics
  2. Entropy and the second law of thermodynamics
  3. Compressed volumetric efficiency
  4. Measurement and quantification of energy flow around a compressor.  
  5. Pressure ratio
  6. Specific volume through flowmeter
  7. Specific volume into compressor
  8. Volumetric flow rate
  9. Mass flow rate
  10. Isentropic efficiency of the compressor.
  11. Energy Analysis of motor
  12. Energy analysis of compressor
  13. Energy analysis of system
  14. Volumetric efficiency of compressor.

Features of Energy Balance Apparatus  

  1. Compressor driven by an electric motor
  2. Wattmeter on the front panel for power measurement .
  3. Adjustment of air pressures via valves
  4. Airflow rate read by airflow flowmeter.
  5. Single Stage Compressor
  6. Air pressure out of compressor
  7. Motor spring balance

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