Turbojet Engine Test Stand .

Description of Turbojet Engine Test Stand:

We have developed a turbo jet engine test stand to provide a cost effective method of testing the performance of an operational aero jet engine. The turbo jet test stand is mounted on a wheeled trolley allowing it to be moved to an operational area or stored in a convenient location. The test stand provides a fully functioning and instrumented engine. The engine used incorporates a single stage centrifugal compressor, feeding air into a combustion chamber fed by multiple fuel injectors, and through to a single stage centrifugal turbine.

Experimental Capability of Turbojet Engine Test Stand: 


  1. Demonstration of the Turbo jet principle
  2. Performance analysis of a Turbojet at varying power


Specification of Turbojet Engine Test Stand:   

A trolley mounted single shaft turbojet designed for flight is to be supplied so as to demonstrate the turbojet principle. It is to be instrumented, so as to all allow a performance analysis of the turbojet at various speeds to be undertaken. The unit should alternatively be provided with a physical mimic diagram plate or be instrumented for data acquisition and a digital mimic diagram. Thrust produced must greater than the range up to 230N and be measured electronically. Sp

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