Two Shaft Gas Turbine .

Introduction of Two Shaft Gas Turbine:

Unit  Gas turbines are becoming increasingly used as power plants for a wide variety of applications around the world. Originally they were developed solely for aircraft propulsion where their inherent low specific weight (i.e. mass/unit power) made them essential for high speed flight. For this particular purpose they have been developed to a high degree of efficiency both thermodynamically and mechanically.

Experimental Capability of Two Shaft Gas Turbine:  

Allows an extensive programme of experiments in Gas Turbine technology including:  


  1. Performance of a simulated single shaft unit
  2. Performance of a single shaft unit with nozzle simulated load
  3. Performance of a two shaft unit
  4. Characteristics of individual components



  • Gas generator compressor
  • Combustion chamber characteristics
  • Power turbine characteristics
  • Gas Generator Turbine Efficiency
  • Overall Plant Efficiency


Features of Two Shaft Gas Turbine:  


  1. Self-contained complete teaching facility
  2. Designed for safe easy operation with low noise levels
  3. Data logging option available for all measured variables
  4. Comprehensive controls and instrumentation displayed in multi-colour flow diagram

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