Two Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor

Two Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor .

Description of Two Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor:

The bedplate is a welded steel structure on which is mounted the lower air receiver, dynamometer and the two compressor slide bases, while the bedplate itself is mounted on six flexible spring mounts which provide vibration isolation. The dynamometer is a separately excited DC motor with the stator of the machine mounted in self-aligning trunnion bearings. The dynamometer is fitted with torque arms, one of which connects to a strain gauge load cell for load measurement. A 100 tooth wheel is fitted at the non-drive end of the machine where a magnetic pick-up feeds a pulse train signal to a “frequency to voltage” convertor for speed feedback/indication.

Experimental Capabilities of Two Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor:  

The twin cylinder first stage compressor is fitted with pressure operated off-loading devices on the inlet valves so that the performance of a single stage compressed air system with an air receiver and with variable demand can be fully investigated. By changing the compressor speed the relationship between the intake volume flow rate, the air receiver volume and delivery flow rate can be examined for various duty cycles. As a two stage system the effect of capacity ratio between the two stages on the inter stage pressure may be investigated by altering the second stage drive ratio. The effect of intercooling may also be examined. The air delivery characteristics of an air compressor may be evaluated, in particular the variation of air delivery with pressure and compressor speed. The compressors are provided with the necessary modifications and fittings for use with Electronic Engine Indicating & Combustion Analysis System for Gasoline & Diesel. The use of this equipment allows a full dynamic analysis of cylinder pressures including Pressure/ Volume diagrams.

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