Field Balancing Apparatus .

Field Balancing Apparatus

In rotating machines such as turbines or pumps, vibrations due to imbalance lead to comfort problems or even damage related to overloading. The imbalance of a rotating machine part may cause harmful vibrations in the entire machine. A familiar example is unbalanced tyres on a car. These cause annoying and unpleasant vibrations in the steering. This is why almost all rotating parts are balanced. If this balancing is done not on a particular machine but directly on the machine in operation located on-site, it is known as field balancing.

Learning Objectives And Experiments

  1. Measure and assess machine vibrations
  2. Occurrence of imbalance vibrations
  3. Static, dynamic or general imbalance
  4. Dependence of imbalance vibration on position and magnitude of the imbalance
  5. Basic principles of balancing
  6. Field balancing in one plane
  7. Field balancing in two planes
  8. Assessment of balancing quality
  9. Using a computerised vibration analyser


  1. Measurement of imbalance vibrations
  2. Single and two-plane balancing

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