Experiments with a Pelton Turbine

Experiments with a Pelton Turbine .

  • Turbine to place upon the base unit
  • Functioning and operating behaviour of a Pelton turbine
  • Transparent housing for observing the Pelton wheel and needle nozzle
  • Different nozzle cross-sections via adjustable nozzle needle
  • Constant pressure of the turbine represents in practice the head and is adjusted via
  • Turbine load using the wear-free and adjustable eddy current brake
  • Force sensor to determine the torque on turbine shaft
  • Optical speed sensor for measuring the turbine speed

Technical Data

Pelton turbine

  • Power output: approx. 70W at 2700min-1
  • Wheel diameter: 70mm

Measuring ranges

  • Torque: 0..0,5Nm
  • Speed: 0...9000min-1

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