Experiments with an Action Turbine

Experiments with an Action Turbine .

Description of Experiments with an Action Turbine

Action turbines operate according to the principle of equal pressure. The static pressures at the inlet and at the outlet of the rotor are equal. The experimental unit is placed upon the base unit The two units together provide the basic experiments to get to know the operating behaviour and the most important characteristic variables of action turbines.

Specification of Experiments with an Action Turbine

  1. Turbine to place upon the base unit
  2. Functioning and operating behaviour of an action turbine
  3. Transparent housing for observing the rotor
  4. Distributor with 4 nozzles, active nozzles adjustable by valves
  5. Constant pressure of the turbine represents in practice the head and is adjusted
  6. Turbine load using the wear-free and adjustable eddy current brake
  7. Force sensor to determine the torque on turbine shaft
  8. Optical speed sensor for measuring the turbine speed
  9. Water supply, flow rate measurement and unit-specific software data acquisition and operation via

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