Four Cylinder Diesel Engine

Four Cylinder Diesel Engine .

In conjunction with the load unit, the test engine is a complete engine test stand. The engine used here is a four-cylinder diesel engine. It has its own closed cooling water circuit.

A solid welded frame on rollers, with a vibration-insulated base plate, carries the entire setup. Hazardous areas such as hot surfaces and rotating parts are covered with perforated plates. The connection to the brake is made via a rotationally elastic coupling with a jointed shaft. The engine is attached to the load unit by fasteners.

Specification of Four Cylinder Diesel Engine

  1. Water-cooled four-cylinder diesel engine for setup an engine test stand in conjunction with load unit
  2. Engine flexibly mounted on mobile frame with vibration-insulated base plate
  3. Power transmission to brake unit via elastic coupling and a jointed shaft
  4. Engine complete with fuel supply and cooling water circuit
  5. Sensors for cooling water flow rate and temperatures
  6. Transfer of measured data via data cable from switch cabinet control cabinet
  7. Switch cabinet with warning lamps operating time counter and ignition key

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