Francis Turbine Trainer

Francis Turbine Trainer .

Description of Francis Turbine Trainer

The Francis turbine belongs to the reaction turbines which convert pressure energy of the working medium into kinetic energy in the guide vanes and in the rotor. Francis turbines are used for medium heads. The turbine power is controlled by adjusting the guide vanes. In practice, Francis turbines are used in run-of-river power plants and in pumped storage plants.

Specification of Francis Turbine Trainer

  1. Investigation of a Francis turbine
  2. Closed water circuit with pump, motor, flow control valve and tank with optional cooling
  3. Pump with variable speed via frequency converter
  4. Adjustment of flow rate via flow control valve
  5. Loading the turbine by use of the asynchronous machine as generator
  6. Rotor and guide vanes of the turbine completely visible
  7. Adjustable guide vanes for setting different angles of attack
  8. Non-contact speed measurement at the generator shaft and force sensor for measuring the driving torque
  9. Digital display for temperature, flow rate and pressures speed, torque and electrical power of generator

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