Pelton And Francis Turbine

Pelton And Francis Turbine .

Specification: Pelton And Francis Turbine

  • Comparison of a Pelton turbine as impulse turbine and a Francis turbine as reaction turbine
  • Operation by use of the Turbine Supply Unit
  • Turbine load by use of the Universal Brake and Drive Unit
  • Constant torques and speeds can be adjusted
  • Transparent front panel in the turbines for observing the operating area
  • Adjustable nozzle needle for setting different nozzle cross-sections (Pelton turbine)
  • Adjustable guide vanes for setting different angles of incidence (Francis turbine)
  • Pressure sensor at the Francis turbine for measuring the pressure at the turbine outlet
  • Digital display for flow rate, pressure and temperature
  • Braking torque and speed measured

Technical Data

  • Transmission ratio between brake and turbine: 1,44:1

Pelton turbine

  • Output: 1,5kW at 2750min-1 at 6,5bar
  • Wheel diameter: 165mm
  • Variable nozzle setting

Francis turbine

  • Output: 1kW at 3500min-1 and 4,2bar
  • Rotor diameter: 80mm
  • Variable guide vane setting

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