Spectro Analyser .

Spectro Analyser

The instrument has ranges of both 0-10 & 0-100 vpm with a sensitivity of less than 1 vpm. The analyser is based on a specially designed Pyrex quartz ionisation cell in which the sample gas flow is ionised in a high voltage alternating electrical field with consequential emission of light. A narrow spectral band corresponding to one of the specific light emission wavelengths of nitrogen is filtered by a narrow band-pass composite interference filter and then detected by a photomultiplier tube..


  1. Ranges: 0-10 vpm and 0-100 vpm Nitrogen in Argon
  2. Display: Analogue meter
  3. Limit of detection: Less than 1 vpm
  4. Sensitivity: Less than 1 vpm
  5. Zero drift: Less than 0.1 vpm per ºC
  6. Cycle/response time: Continuous/90% within 60 secs
  7. Accuracy: Depending on calibration gas available as it is a comparative method that is employed
  8. Sample flow rate: 2 litres per minute
  9. Sample inlet temperature: 10ºC minimum, 30ºC max.
  10. Sample inlet pressure: Optimum 0.35 to 1.05 bar g; maximum 3.5 bar g
  11. Sample outlet pressure: Maximum 0.15 bar g
  12. Sample pipework: 6mm or 1/4 OD stainless steel and PTFE
  13. Analogue output: 4-20 mA and 0-100 mV
  14. Alarm contacts: Adjustable high and low alarms with both normally open and closed voltage free contacts rated at 250V, 5A, AC non inductive
  15. Electrical supply: 110/220V, 60 Hz or 220/240V, 50 Hz single phase

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