Steam Power Plan

Steam Power Plan .

  1. Laboratory-sized steam power plant
  2. Oil-fired steam generator with electric superheater
  3. Single-stage axial turbine with curtis wheel, vacuum or exhaust operation
  4. Dc generator as turbine load
  5. Water-cooled condenser
  6. Feedwater treatmen 

Technical Data

  1. Steam generator
  2. Steam output: 200kg/h at 11bar
  3. Max. Fuel consumption: 12L/h
  4. Heat-up time: 8min
  5. Max. pressure: 13bar


  1. Power: 7kw
  2. Single-Stage Axial Turbine With Curtis Wheel And Hydraulic Speed Regulator
  3. Power: max. 1,5kW at 3000min-1

Water-Cooled Condenser 

  1. Cooling capacity: 98kw
  2. Transfer surface: 2,5m²

Measuring Ranges

  1. Temperature: 9x 0...400°c, 2x 0...100°c
  2. Cooling water flow rate: 0...167l/min
  3. Pressure: 3x 0...16bar, 1x -1...1bar
  4. Torque: 0...20nm
  5. Speed: 0...4000min-1

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