Steam Power Plant With Steam Engine

Steam Power Plant With Steam Engine .

Specification: Steam Power Plant With Steam Engine 

  • Demonstration of a steam power plant with single-cylinder piston steam engine
  • Gas-fired boiler for steam generation
  • Water-cooled condenser
  • DC generator
  • Light bulbs as consumers
  • Sensor and display for temperature, pressure, flow rate, voltage and current
  • Safety valve and temperature monitoring for safe operation

Technical Data

Steam engine

  • Power: max. 5W
  • Speed: max. 1200min-1
  • Cylinder: diameter: 20mm


  • DC motor: max. 3,18W at 6000min-1
  • Gas-fired boiler
  • Safety valve: 4bar
  • Gas connection 3/8"L (propane or butane)

Measuring ranges

  • Temperature: 8x -20...200°C
  • Pressure: 0...6bar
  • Flow rate:
  • Gas: 0...110L/h,
  • Water: 15...105L/h
  • Voltage: 0...10VDC

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