Two Cylinder Diesel Engine

Two Cylinder Diesel Engine .

Two Cylinder Diesel Engine is part of a series of devices enabling experiments to be performed on engines and machines. In conjunction with the test stand, which includes a drive and brake unit, the four-stroke diesel engine is highly suitable for use in teaching the fundamentals of engine functioning and measurement. The engine used here is a water-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine with indirect injection. The engine is started by an electric motor mounted in the unit. The brake unit is connected by way of a elastic claw coupling.

Specification of Two Cylinder Diesel Engine

  1. Water cooled two cylinder four-stroke diesel engine for installation in the test stand
  2. Engine mounted on base plate
  3. Force transmission to brake via elastic claw coupling
  4. Engine complete with fuel hose and exhaust gas temperature sensor
  5. Fuel hose with self-sealing quick-release coupling

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