Two-Cylinder Steam Engine

Two-Cylinder Steam Engine .

Specification: Two-Cylinder Steam Engine

  • Two-cylinder piston steam engine
  • Atmospheric capacitor
  • Condensate tank as cascade tank with condensate pump
  • Steam engine loaded via brake unit
  • Sensor and display for temperature, pressure, flow rate, and speed
  • Determination of amount of steam via condensate
  • Steam supplied by steam generator

Technical Data

Two-cylinder piston steam engine

  • Speed: max. 1000min-1
  • Max. continuous power: 500W
  • 2 cylinders
  • Bore: 50mm
  • Stroke: 40mm


  • Power consumption:  max. 60W
  • Max. flow rate: 2,9m³/h
  • Max. head: 4m


  • Transfer surface: 3800cm²

Measuring ranges

  • Temperature: 7x 0...400°C
  • Pressure: 0...10bar / 0...1,6bar
  • Speed: 0...1200min-1
  • Cooling water flow rate: 100...1000L/h

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