Wave Energy Converter, OWC

Wave Energy Converter, OWC .

Wave energy converters use the energy from continuous wave movements for the environmentally friendly production of electricity. They can supply electrical energy along the coast, in particular to remote locations. Structurally they are easy to integrate into moles, harbour walls and coastal protection systems.

Wave Energy Converter, OWC is a laboratory-scale wave energy converter consisting of a wave generator, a wave flume and the OWC wave energy converter with turbine unit.

Specification of Wave Energy Converter, OWC

  1. Ave energy converter consisting of: wave generator, wave flume and wave energy converter
  2. Wave generator with control unit, AC motor with adjustable frequency and adjustable lift of displacer
  3. Wave height measured by ultrasound
  4. Baffle plate for guiding the wave into the chamber
  5. Wave energy converter with oscillating water column, chamber and turbine unit
  6. Turbine unit with rotor and generator
  7. Pressure measuring points to determine the flow velocity in the turbine
  8. Turbine load: DC motor for starting up the turbine, switches to generator for electricity production upon reaching the target speed

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