1.    Features
•    High precision, high dynamic range cameras, and the latest 4X4 target boards are faster to capture image and signal.
•    All new 3 point clamps with rim scratch proof.
•    Durable 4X4 target boards with rubber protection.
•    Easier to be operated by professional technician with high working efficiency.
•    Caster, camber, and toe dynamic adjustments are applied to the system.
•    Neither battery nor power supply were needed by the target board. Calibration of target board is also not needed.
The system was calibrated before shipping. Only set up the system at client site and then the system can operate properly. Routine calibration is not required since the target boards are made of robust material.
2.    Specification
Power supply    : 220V/50~60HZ
Display resolution    : 0.01Ëš/1'
Measure accuracy    : 0.02Ëš/1'
Total Toe    : ±20Ëš
Individual Toe    : ±10Ëš
Total turn angle    : ±58Ëš
Camber    : ±10Ëš
Caster    : ±20Ëš
KPI    : ±20Ëš
Included angle    : 0~30Ëš

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