Offers all that is needed for students to practice a fast and accurate wheel alignment task. Incorporates the newest technology of wireless communication system by Bluetooth or CCD and offers all possibilities to get perfectly aligned cars. Microsoft Windows based OS and software so that can be easily upgraded and maintained. The software must be user friendly with graphics and icons and easily updated via internet. All wheel alignment steps from start-to-finish are clearly shown with vibrant animation and graphics to provide a faster, more ergonomics and easier to understand wheel alignment procedure. The combination of easy, user-friendly functionality and technological sophistication enables the students to learn the wheel alignment service with minimal supervision and repeated training.
•    User friendly Windows based OS and software.
•    Self-centering synchronized clampers with no need for run-out compensation.
•    Rapid procedures for measurements without caster steering angle.
•    On-sensor controls permit users to operate selective computer software functions from any wheel location, eliminating the need for countless return trips to the console.
•    Start-to-finish computer guided program.
•    Improved range and accuracy, greater speed, quick
and precise measurement readings.
•    Instantaneous wireless data can communicate from a distance between sensors and console.
•    Convenient “spoiler setting” adjustments on the wheel-clamps accommodate blocked front or rear sensor line-of-sight and still provide accurate toe measurements.
•    Sturdy construction and tough polymer casings to reduce potential damage to delicate sensor components.
•    Automatic battery-charging docking stations built-in on the cabinet sides keep sensors charged and ready at all times.
•    Alignment functions and measurements are controlled via the wheel sensors, mouse and / or keyboard.
•    "Before" and "after" measurements can be printed to explain service and record work performed.
•    Complete with current domestic and foreign vehicle alignment specifications and database 30 years.



1.    Computer:
•    Chipset Intel® Core i72.8 GHz processor 8 GB RAM DDR3.
•    24" Flat Panel LED Monitor, 1280x1080FULL HD.
•    Genuine Windows® 10 operating system.
•    Integrated video card and sound card.
•    Internal chassis speaker.
•    8 USB ports / RS 232.
•    1TB SATA HDD.
•    USB 2-button optical mouse and pad.
•    USB optical keyboard.
•    DVD Writer
•    All-in-one colour printer, A4 size, refillable ink CISS, Wifi ready, with externally mounted cartridge/bottle.

2.    Communication Box:
•    Main Board
•    Communication Board
•    Communication Module
•    Battery Charger Board
•    Digital Command Control Board
•    Angle Calibration Board

3.    Equipment:
•    Power Requirements: 240 V, 1 Ph, 50-60 Hz, 8 amp., 500W
•    Wheel Diameter: 10” – 21”
•    Measuring Range (approx.):
    Total toe:      ±10°
    Single toe:    ±5°
    Camber:       ±12°
    Caster:         ±30°
    Lock angle:   ±40°
    Measuring accuracy: ±0.01' / 0.1mm

•    Alignment Heads:Four (4) lightweight shock resistant wireless rechargeable alignment heads with charging station.
•    Self-Centering Clamps:
    Aluminum alloy for light weight handling.
    Rugged construction.
    Heavy-duty chrome rods with nickel-plated screws.
    Extended 4-point clamping tips with thin profiles that fit a variety of custom wheel profiles.
    Inside and outside tip positioning.
    Drop-down Clamps:Integrated into self-centering clamp.
•    Electronic Turntables:
    For easy and fast Caster Swing and accurate Toe-Out-on-Turns measurements.
    Two(2)pieces, weight on turntables not less than 600kg. each.
•    Car Rear Slip Plates:
    Two(2)pieces, weight on slip plate not less than 600kg. each.
•    Mobile Storage Cabinet: 40" x 27" x 50" (1016 mm x
687 mm x 1270 mm) approx.
•    Steering Wheel Holder
•    Brake Pedal Depressor
•    Complete with current domestic and foreign vehicle alignment specifications and database 30 years.

4.    The machine must be supplied and installed with:
•    Masada Floor Jack 2 Ton x 1
•    Stanley Impact Air Gun, 1/2” Drive, Twin Head x1
•    Stanley Impact Air Ratchet, 1/2” Drive x1
•    Digital Camber And Caster Gauge x1
•    Tyre Inflator With Digital Gauge x1
•    Dust Cover x1
•    Extension Cord, 4 Gang, 3 Pin Socket with surge protection x1
•    Wheel Nut Socket 17, 19, 21mm with protective body x 1
•    Special size Wheel Nut Socket x1
•    Operation and maintenance schedule and manual x5
•    56 pcs. Auto Repair Master Tool Set (SATA) x1
•    13 pcs. Punch & Chisel Set (SATA) x1
•    9 pcs. Hex Key, Long Ball PoinSet With Handle, Metric (SATA) x1
•    9 pcs. Hex Key, Long Torx Set, TT6 – TT25 (SATA) x 1

Tenderer can change the brands of tooling as long as its quality and usage are the same.

5.    Wiring and fitting
The Wheel Alignment Machine must be installed and wired to incoming electrical source.

6.    Training
The successful bidder shall provide sufficient training on site by qualified trainer for minimum 10 Polytechnic lecturers at the tenderer’s own cost in system operation and routine maintenance of the machine. The training shall be conducted on site for one (1) day after the installation and commissioning of the machine

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