This machine is applicable for the lifting of various small and medium-sized vehicles with total weight below 4 ton.
•    Concealed electric cables and oil pipes.
•    Electromagnetic safety locking system.
•    Double hydraulic cylinders, drive chain and chain wheels give even lifting and lowering.
•    Guard to cover chain and chain wheel to ensure safe operation.
•    Electromechanical top limit switch to prevent hydraulic system overload.
•    Safety cable system to keep lifting arms synchronised.
•    Lift suitable for low ground clearance vehicles.
•    Full rubber door guards.
•    Rubber jacking point on upper arm.


•    Type: Clear Floor, Fully Automatic with Electric Locks.
•    Capacity: 4 Ton
•    Lifting Height: 1855mm
•    Passing Width: 2588mm
•    Overall Height: 3845mm

•    Overall Width: 3425mm
•    Lifting Time: 55 seconds
•    Lowering Time: 45 seconds
•    Motor Power: 2.2kw
•    Voltage: 1ph - 240V/60Hz
•    Dimension (approx.):
    4 x 92mm extensions
    4 x 127mm extensions

Must be installed and supplied with:
•    Rubber Block 4”(W) x 6”(L) x 2”(H) – 4 pcs.
•    Rubber Block 4”(W) x 6”(L) x 3”(H) – 4 pcs.
•    Wheel Chock 4”(W) x 9”(L) x 6”(H) – 4 pcs.
•    56 pcs. Auto Repair Master Tool Set (SATA) – 1 set
•    13 pcs. Punch Set (SATA) – 1 set
•    9 pcs. Allen Key Long Ball Point Set With Handle, Metric (SATA) – 1 set
•    9 pcs. Allen Key Long Torx Bit Set, TT6 – TT25 (SATA) – 1 set

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