This system is used to cover the topics involving headlights and signaling systems which is obligatory in every vehicle and thus enjoys special consideration in training programs. What is of interest here is that control of these components can vary depending on the vehicle. For that reason, instructors can only profit from a system that allows them to become familiar with different versions of these right there in the classroom. This item is controllable via a CAN bus system.
The main lighting system including all supplementary equipment is comprised of original automotive components. With this system you establish the foundation for an individually expandable lighting panel wall. Combine other modules together to provide clear and easy understanding of a highly complex lighting and signaling system.


The equipment set must be consists of the following items:

1.    Ignition Key with fuse

•    Safety starter motor ignition switch with three switching levels and three positions to supply
current to terminals. Fuses are included which can accommodate plug-in vehicle circuit breakers. The circuit breaker connectors can be tapped via 4-mm safety sockets and can clearly and easily be connected via space saving jumpers to supply current to terminals. Power supply is laid out for improved educational effect at the top and bottom of the board and colour-coded in accordance to standard.
•    I/O: 4mm safety sockets
•    Dimensions: 297 x 228 x 90mm (Approx.)

2.    Main headlight unit with side light, headlight range control &indicator (left & right)
•    Complete headlight unit with headlight range control
•    Operating voltage: 12 V
•    Operational units: Actuator motor for range control
•    Indicator light PY 21W
•    Dipped headlight H7 55W
•    Main beam H7 55W
•    Parking lights T 4W
•    I/O: 4mm safety sockets
•    Dimensions: 297 x 228 x 160 mm (Approx.)

3.    Tail light unit with LED rear light (left& right)
•    Complete tail light unit with modern LED rear light and stipulated reflector
•    Operating voltage: 12 V
•    Operational elements: LED rear light 1.8W Brake

P21W Indicator light PY 21W,Reflector I/O: 4mm safety sockets
•    Dimensions: 297 x 114 x 120 mm (Approx.)

4.    Relay unit 1, headlights with indicator relay, relay 2 x n.o., and relay 1 x c.o.
•    Relay unit designed for the indirect switching of lighting system and triggering indicator lights
•    Operating voltage: 12 V
•    Functional elements: indicator light generator
•    Relay 1 c.o. 20A Relay 2 n.o. 15A I/O: 4mm safety sockets.
•    Dimensions:297 x 114 x 120 mm (Approx.)

5.    Switch unit for headlights and indicators, range control, brake light switch
•    The switch unit contains all the necessary switches and controllers for the headlights.
•    Operating voltage: 12 V
•    Operational elements:
    Controller for headlight range control
    Headlight switch
    Brake light switch
    Steering column switch
    Hazard warning lights switch
    Parking light switch
    Fog lamp switch
    Rear fog lamp switch
•    Inputs/outputs: 4mm safety sockets
•    Dimensions:297 x 456 x 160 mm (Approx.)

6.    Warning lights and fuse box
•    Dashboard model with warning lights
•    Operating voltage: 12 V
    Warning lights: Dipped lights and main beam indicators.
    Fog lights Rear fog lamps
    Charge warning light Oil level
    Dashboard illumination
•    I/O: 4mm safety sockets
•    Dimensions: 297 x 456 x 160 mm (Approx.)

7.    Vehicle power supply transformer, 13.5V/ 35A
•    Stabilized direct voltage source designed especially for automotive technology
    Input: 230V/ 50 Hz- 60 Hz +6%-10%
    Output: DC 13.8 V/max. 35A
    Stabilized, electrically isolated
•    Dimensions: 228x296x125mm (WxHxL) (Approx.)
•    Degree of protection: IP 30

8.    Interactive Lab Assistant: Automotive Lighting
The course features the following training contents:
•    Use of circuit diagrams
•    Printable circuit diagram for the entire lighting system
•    Use of workshop order contracts
•    Conventional switching and CAN-based control
•    Comprehensive handling of lighting equipment
    Dipped headlights
    Headlights
    Fog lamps
    Daytime running lights
    Parking lights
    Sidelights
    Brake lights
    Rear lights
    Rear fog lamps
    Reversing lights
    Indicators
    License plate illumination
    Interior lights
•    Trailer lighting
•    Headlight configuration
•    Horn and light flashing system
•    Troubleshooting (circuit diagram)

9.    Adapter BNC/4mm safety sockets, insulated
•    Adapter plug for connecting BNC connector to 4-mm safety sockets
•    BNC plug, 2 insulated 4-mm safety sockets
•    Contact rings and sockets for internal pin of BNC connector are made of gilded brass.
•    CAT II/1000 V

10.    Test lamp
•    Vehicle voltage tester. Due to its small current consumption of 1.5 mA, the CAR-CHECK tester is particularly well suited to finding faults with electronic components. Conventional test lamps often cause damage to these. Polarity indication via two LEDs.
•    Nominal voltage range: 3...48 V
•    Length of lead: 150 cm

11.    Multi 18 digital multimeter
•    Universal precision lab multimeter and temperature meter with IR interface for high-quality, universal measurement and testing in educational settings, power plants, process control installations etc.
•    4¾-digit multimeter; resolution: ±31,000 digits
•    Measurement classification CATII-1000V Can be connected to UniTrain-I system via IR interface.
Real-time RMS measurement TRMS
•    Voltage and current measuring ranges (AC and DC): 300mV- 1000V; 300µA-10A
•    Decibel measurement Resistance ranges: 300ohm-30Mohm
•    Capacitance measuring range 3nF to 10,000µF
•    Frequency measuring range up to 100 kHz, counter and stopwatch Special functions: ° C for temperature measurements using PT100/1000 thermocouple
•    Continuity and diode testing Automatic range selection and battery shut-off, min./max. and data hold function
•    Protection against high currents in the mA range for nominal voltage of 1000V
•    Safety fuse for all current measurement ranges (up to 10A)
•    Display with bar chart and backlighting includes protective sleeve, measuring leads, 2 x spare fuses, 9V battery, and calibration certificate.
12.    Digital dual trace storage oscilloscope w. colour display, including probes 30MHz
•    Digital storage oscilloscope with colour LCD
display, high resolution, backlighting and USB port for transmission of large quantities of data at high data rates.
•    Technical data: Bandwidth 30MHz/125MS/s
•    Maximum input voltage 400V 8" TFT colour display.
•    USB port, USB flash disk, LAN, VGA Cursor function.
•    Five automatic measurement functions, storage
and retrieval of traces Edge and video trigger
•    Safety specifications: EN 61010-1
•    Supplied with accessories: 2 probes, mains lead, USB cable, software CD
•    Dimensions: 350x157x120mm (WxHxD) (approx.)

13.    Set of circuit breakers for vehicles (10A/15A)
•    Single-pole thermal circuit breaker for vehicles, slim format with coloured manual trip switch.
•    Reliable tripping response thanks to snap-action trip switch
•    Tamper-proof rip interlock to prevent reactivation of the circuit till the fault is rectified
•    Plugs into low-profile vehicle fuse box
•    Nominal voltage 12V
•    The set comprises the following components:
    1x 10A vehicle circuit breaker
    1x 15A vehicle circuit breaker

14.    Set of 4mm safety test leads for ALC (complete)
This wiring harness is used for wiring the entire Lighting system. The cable kit consists of the following components:
•    Safety test leads:
    1x 4mm safety test lead, color: Yellow / length: 50 cm
    1x 4mm safety test lead, color: blue / length: 50 cm
    10x 4mm safety test lead, color: Red / length: 25 cm
    05x 4mm safety test lead, color: Red / length: 50 cm
10x 4mm safety test lead, Black / Length: 25 cm
    30x 4mm safety test lead, Black / Length: 50 cm
    10x 4mm safety test lead, Black / Length: 100 cm
•    Safety connection plug:
    20x Safety connection plug, color: Red
    17x Safety connection plug, Color: Brown
    45x Safety connection plug, Color: Black
15.    Mobile aluminium experiment stand, 3 levels, power strip with 6 sockets, 1250x700x1995mm.
High-quality, mobile experiments stand from the SybaPro range for demonstrations and experiments. Features aluminium profile legs compatible with all add-ons andextensions for the SybaPro system.
•    Table top:
    30-mm table top made of highly compressed, multi-layer fine chipboard conforming to DIN EN 438-1
    Colour grey, RAL 7035, with 0.8-mm slightly

    textured laminate coating (Resopal) on both sides, conforming to DIN 16926
    Resistant to many chemicals and reagents including dilute acids and alkalis
    Resistant to heat, e.g. molten solder or heating at specific points such as by soldering tips or cigarette ends
    Table top with solid impact-resistant protective edging made of 3mm thick RAL 7047 coloured plastic
    Coating and adhesive are PVC free
Power strip with 6 outlet sockets mounted underneath the table top, lead and earthed
•    Frame:
    2 extruded aluminium profiles with multiple grooves 1800x120 x 40 mm (WxHxD)
    8 equally sized grooves in extruded aluminium profiles (3 on each side and 1 each on the front and back)
    Grooves accommodate standard industrial mountings
    4 H-shaped aluminium profiles, 1150 mm, for 3-layer organisation of DIN A4 panels
    Space for extension of power supply duct
    Base made of rectangular tubing with 4 swiveling double casters, 2 of which have brakes
    Table frame made of tough combination of rectangular tubing around the full perimeter.
    Acid-resistant epoxy-resin coating, 80 µm thick (approx.), colour RAL 7047
•    Dimensions:
    Height of table top 760 mm
    1250 x 1995 x 700 mm (WxHxD)

16.    Protection cover for three-level experiment trolleys
•    Dust cover for three-level experiment trolleys
•    For protecting equipment from dust and damp
•    For keeping equipment out of sight (the cover must not be transparent, so is therefore opaque)
•    Material: nylon fabric with polyurethane coating
•    High resistant to tearing, impregnated to be washable and waterproof
Trolley for measurement leads (max. length 100cm), for up to 320 (2x 160) measurementleads(100cm)
•    Main pillar made of 35-mm extruded aluminium profile with four-groove symmetry
•    8 Identical grooves (3 on each side + 1 on each edge)
•    Grooves accommodate industrially standardised mountings
•    4 Steerable casters, 2 with brakes
4 Cable racks, each with grooves to accommodate 40 leads
•    Suitable for up to 320 (2x160) measurement leads
•    Base frame with four legs and rigid steel cable racks featuring acid-proof epoxy-resin powder-coating approximately 80 µm thick, colour RAL 7047
•    Dimensions: 640x400x1400 mm (WxDxH)(Approx.)

17.    Wall or aluminium-profile mounting cable storage for 48 Cables:
•    Accommodates about 48 safety measuring leads (4mm), suitable for mounting on walls or aluminium profiles
•    Width 200 mm, 12 guide grooves for leads
•    Adjustable height for mounting on aluminium profiles
•    Can be mounted on the left or right
•    Can be mounted on walls
•    Includes 2 screws and Tenon blocks
•    Acid-resistant epoxy-resin powder coating, thickness 80 µm approx., colour RAL 7047

18.    CAN bus Trainer
•    2 Experiment cards (front and rear of vehicle) with emulation of a complete CAN bus system for cars including actuators, sensors and dashboard
•    Two microcontroller systems with communication via the CAN bus
•    Cascading via CAN-IN and CAN-OUT on Sub-D9 connectors
•    CAN node I with indicators, lights, simulated key, fuel tank indicator, temperature sensors, and more
•    CAN node II with rear light, fuel tank simulation, electric window, central locking functions, and more
•    CD-ROM with Labsoft browser and course software
•    CAN lighting interface
    Control unit for controlling vehicle lighting components from the UniTrain-I card "CAN Node Front" via CAN busor switching interface
    Baud rate parameters can be configured
    Compatible with Low-Speed and High-Speed CAN buses (ISO 11898-2 and ISO 11898-3)
    Operating voltage: 12 V/13.8 V
    Outputs: 18 load outputs, max.7.5 A
    Bus outputs: 2-mm and 4-mm safety sockets
    Load outputs: 4-mm safety sockets
    Dimensions: 297 x 228 x 60 mm (Approx.)
•    CAN fault simulator
The CAN fault simulator can be integrated into
any CAN-bus data line. The actual fault circuit
    is located inside a lockable lid where eight switches are used to enable the standard ISO faults.
    Panel description
    Compatible to Low-Speed and High-Speed CAN-bus (ISO11898-2 and ISO 11898-3)
    Operating voltage 12V/13.8V
    Inputs: 2 mm measurement sockets and 4-mm safety sockets
    Outputs: 2 mm measurement sockets and 4-mm safety sockets
    Vehicle-specific terminal designation
    Continuous power supply via terminal 30 and 15 in the upper region.
    Continuous ground via terminal 31 in the lower region
    Coloured screen printing
    Dimension: 297 x 114 x 60mm (Approx.)
•    CAN switching interface
The CAN switching interface can be integrated into any existent, main lighting system, whose analog input signals are then converted by the interface into digital CAN messages. In combination with the CAN lighting interface, this makes it possible to set up a functional CAN node for the purpose of visualizing and measuring the fundamental parameters related to a CAN bus. The CAN messages are output via 2-mm and 4-mm safety sockets. A switch can be used to toggle the baud rate between low-speed bus and high-speed bus.
    Baud rate adjustable between 125 kbps and 1 mbps
    Compatible with low-speed and high-speed CAN buses (ISO
    11898-2 and ISO 11898-3)
    Operating voltage: 12 V / 13.8 V
    Inputs: 4-mm safety sockets
    Outputs: 4-mm and 2-mm safety sockets
    Vehicle-specific terminal designations
    Visual indications of bus errors
    Continuous voltage supply via terminals 30 and 15 in the upper section
    Continuous ground via terminal 31 in the lower section
    Coloured screen print
    Dimensions: 297 x 114 x 60 mm (Approx.)
•    CAN/LIN monitor
The CAN/LIN monitor allows bus protocols on a LIN bus, CAN bus or any serial bus to be recorded and investigated. Users are free to
display the bus packets in binary or hexadecimal code. All activity on the respective bus is logged by the software and displayed in a list. Any command can be transmitted along the bus with the aid of a transmit function. Another key feature is the ability to display all bus levels graphically in a real-time diagram, where the individual sections of code are shown directly on a graphic. This is a particularly effective way to demonstrate the basic principles of bus communication and the differences between the various bus protocols.
•    The software has the following features:
    Visual display of bus protocol structure
    Option for displaying in binary or hexadecimal code format
    Recording of bus packets
    Transmission of bus packets
    Suitable for student experiments and demonstrations
    Simple to get working (via USB interface)
    Recording of CAN, LIN and serial bus packets
    Transmission of CAN, LIN and serial bus packets
    Display of identifiers
    Display of data lengths
    Display of timing periods
    User-configurable graphic interface
    All results and their display mode can be stored
    Detailed help integrated into the program
    Weight: 0.5 kg approx.
    Dimensions: 150 x 80 x 40 (L x W x H) (Approx.)

This item must be supplied with accessories or requirements (if not stated in the specifications above) to make it work properly.

19.    Training
The successful bidder shall provide sufficient training on site by qualified trainer for minimum 10 Polytechnic lecturers at the tenderer’s own cost in system operation and routine maintenance of the machine. The training shall be conducted on site for
three (3) days after the installation and commissioning of the machine.
The training shall be carried out by qualified and experienced technicians.

20.    Installation          
•    The successful tenderer shall be responsible to install the machine at the premise specified with successful.
•    The equipment shall be installed on site at no additional cost from Politeknik.
•    The site for the installation will be a place shown by the Politeknik

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