Brake systems of modern motor vehicles are becoming increasingly complex. Electronic aids such as ABS, ASR and ESP are now standard features in such systems. They are designed to keep the vehicle stable with physical limits and thus help assist in protecting the driver. Each individual system is mutually dependent and in part uses the same sensor signals. With this training system the trainee becomes familiar with and understands how the various systems function and interact.



·         Four wheel with independent drive.

·         Digital speedometer display for each individual wheel and the vehicle as a whole.

·         Slider for acceleration and braking.

·         Simulation of various road conditions (dry, wet, icy road).

·         Steering with steering angle display via LED.

·         Simulation of oversteer and understeer.

·         User friendly Windows based OS and software.




Equipment set must be consisting of the following items:


1.   Brake force regulation using ABS and Traction Control System.

·   The equipment includes four authentic brake cylinders that can be controlled hydraulically using genuine brake lines.

·   An ABS/TCS controller evaluates signals from speed sensors on the wheels and controls the brake pressure in the relevant brake cylinders.

·   Two separately driven cogs allow for simulation of various speeds.

·   Weight: approx. 80 kg

·   Dimensions: 177 x 127 x 35 cm  (HxWxD) approx.

·   Power supply: 240 VAC / 60Hz


2.   Manuals for Brake pressure control for ABS and TCS:

·   High-quality, bound, colour teachers’ manual with rigid spine, including solutions. DVD-ROM with additional students’ manual, including exercises and worksheets.

3.   Quick Chart, Brake force regulation using ABS and Traction Control (GB)

Short documentation covering the putting into operation of complex equipment and experiment set-ups.


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