Troubleshooting methods and strategies are used as part of systematic vehicle diagnosis. Manufacturer-specific diagnosis concepts also need to be considered in this process. Maintenance strategies are prepared on the basis of customer information, visual checks and the results of independent diagnosis. The diagnosis software is meant for students to develop and consolidated strategies for successful automotive diagnosis and troubleshooting using a training program before moving on to real vehicles.

•    Capable to diagnose petrol and diesel engine using OBD2.
•    Planning and developing fault localization, repair measures, vehicle diagnosis and troubleshooting methods.
•    Diagnosis of systems that is relevance to emission.
•    Systematic preparation of troubleshooting and diagnostic strategies.
•    Evaluating, documenting, monitoring, assessing implemented measures and test result.
•    Working with block, circuit, function diagrams, diagnostic tools and measurement devices.
•    High quality, comprehensive, integrated and universal.


Engine Diagnosis and Analyzer comprises of THREE (3) items as follow:



A brand new advanced automotive fault diagnostic tool based on Android 5.0 system or latest. Includes wide car model coverage, powerful function, abundant special functions and accurate test data. Achieves full car model and full system fault diagnosis through the Bluetooth communication via Data Link Connector (DLC) and smart mobile terminals. Supports reading DTCs, clearing DTCs, reading data stream, actuation test, special functions, matching, coding and programming etc.
Takes the advantage of mobile internet to share the massive maintenance data and case library on a special software platform. Comprehensive and powerful business manager module software, which is specially designed to develop and manage customers, increasing customer's retention and boosting shop revenue. This module integrates instant messaging and remote diagnostic function, which is convenient to interact with car owners, and perform the remote diagnosis quickly. In addition, the One-click Upgrade function makes it possible for the diagnostic tool to
update online at any time.


•    Special Functions: supports the matching, coding, programming and common special functions of programmable modules for most vehicle makers, such as battery reset, brake reset, oil reset, ABS bleeding, throttle adaptation, TPMS reset, DPF regeneration, gear learning and IMMO, etc.
•    Wide Car Model Coverage: Supports all electronic control systems of 12V cars, covering more than 150 vehicle makes and thousands of model years. Achieves full car model and full system fault diagnosis.
•    Remote Diagnosis: The remote diagnosis can be conducted between different registered parties.
•    Online Repair & Service Resources: Can delivers genuine OEM service & repair information on more than 1600 vehicle models to dealership technicians, including online How-To videos, wiring diagrams, automotive handbook, repair case and operation skills etc.
•    One-click Upgrade: Diagnostic software can be upgraded online by one-click. Whenever a new version is available, the system will remind you to update.
•    Business Manager Module: This module is designed to develop new customers, monitor the running conditions and maintenance plans of customer's vehicles and manage regular customers and technicians, which is helpful for repair shops to increase customers' retention and boost shop revenue.
•    Wi-Fi internet capability allows for wireless access throughout the workshop, prints out recorded data anytime and anywhere with Wi-Fi printing capability.
•    Protocols: ISO 9141-2, K/L LINS, Flashing code, SAE-J1850 VPW, SAE-J1850 PWM, CAN ISO 11898, ISO 15765-4, High speed, Middle speed, Low speed and Single wire CAN.
•    The set must conform to year 2016 or latest Malaysia version:
    The set must be from authorized dealer and registered in Malaysia.
    The software included Proton (Malaysia) and Perodua (Malaysia) latest software version to diagnose latest IRIZ, CAMPRO TURBO engine, PROTON CVT adaptation learning, PERODUA MYVI EPS System and PERODUA AXIA.
    Lifetime License Free.


Tablet PC Parameters
OS: Android 5.0 or Higher
Battery: 4800mAh lithium polymer battery or Higher Display: min. 8.0 inch Capacitive Touch Screen or  Higher
Resolution: 1280*800 or Higher
CPU: Quad-core 1.3GHz or Higher
Internal storage: 1GB or Higher
Memory: 16GB, support TF card up to 32GB or Higher
Camera: Front 2 MP; Rear 5 MP or Higher.
Printer Interface: Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet
Weight: 350 gram approx.
Dimension:209 x 124 x 9mm (L x W x H) approx.

The OBDII must be supplied with:
•    storage case and accessories inside:
    Bluetooth communicator for tablet and DLC.
    Tablet genuine leather case.
    DLC sockets for various car model makers.
    Battery Charger.
    Cables and connectors for special functions.
    Copy of operating manual and software.
•    All-in-one colour printer, A4 size, refillable ink CISS, Wifi ready, with externally mounted cartridge/bottle.

This item must be supplied with other accessories or requirements (if not stated in the specifications above) to make it work properly.



This device can be set to accurately and specifically measure the exhaust on Gasoline or CNG fueled vehicles. Measure concentration of HC, CO, CO2, O2 and NO contained in exhaust gases from petrol engines. Advanced NDIR (no-Dispersive infrared) analysis technology is used to measure HC, CO, CO2 and the newest generation of electrochemical technology is adapted to measure O2 and NO.


•    Outstanding accuracy, stability and durability
•    NOx measurement upgradable (come with optional accessories)
•    Temporary pause to measurement (Hold function)
•    RS232 PC Program
•    Displaying date and time of printing
•    Six LED indicators
•    Built-in printer
•    An integral part of dynamic emission testing system with chassis dynamo and engine tune-up


•    Measuring items:
    CO, HC, CO2, O2, λ, AFR, NOx (included optional accessories).

•    Measuring method:
    CO, HC, CO2, NDIR Method
    O2: Electrochemical Method

Measuring Range:

   CO: 0.00-9.99%           HC: 0-9999 ppm
   CO2: 0.0-20.0%       O2: 0.0-25.0%
λ: 0.000-2.000       AFR: 0.0-99.0


CO: 0.01%        HC: 1 ppm
CO2: 0.1%    O2: 0.01%
λ: 0.001    AFR: 0.1

•    Functions:

    The air leakage check, the zero/span calibration, the residual HC test.
    The selection of fuel type:
    1 Gasoline,
    2 LPG,
    3 CNG,
    4 Alcohol HCV and OCV conversation.

•    Must be installed and supplied with:
    Sampling probe x1
    Power cord for control unit x1
    Cleaning brush for test unit x1
    Optical filter  x5
    Printing paper x5
    Fuse tube 2A x5
    Fuse tube 3A x5
    Operation instruction x5
    Certificate x1
    Inductive clip-on pickup sensor for RPM measurement x1
    Oil temperature measurement probex1
    RS-232C digital serial interface x1
    Trolley x1

This item must be supplied with other accessories or requirements (if not stated in the specifications above) to make it work properly.



The battery tester allows you to set up various internal resistances and voltages on an AGM battery and a conventional lead-acid battery for reliable and reproducible diagnostic investigation.

•    Load Ranges – CCA (SAE), EN, IEC, DIN, JIS
•    Voltage Range – 12 & 24 Volt Charging Systems
•    Works With – All types of lead acid rechargeable battery
•    Cold Cranking Amps – 40 to 2000
•    Includes – LCD Display, Forward & Backs Buttons, Function Selection, Positive & Negative Clamps.
•    Must be installed and supplied with:
    printing paper x5
    N70, 12V Maintenance Free Battery x2
    Battery Hydrometer, colour-coded x1
    Battery Hydrometer, easy read x1

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