Auto Diagnostic Analyzer

Auto Diagnostic Analyzer .

The scanner should be a a modular, professional, and integrated diagnostic system with user-friendly multifunction modules. This system is the most comprehensive and is unrivaled in automotive diagnostic features and troubleshooting capabilities. Smart OBD II and with EMS test & EMS PIN data, Guided Diagnostics is able to display most component locations. The main module now has a full color 7â€Â TFT touch screen display with an on-screen keyboard, 32 bit CPU, 16 gigabyte HDD and embedded Windows OS. And is complete with integrated USB ports and with Wi-Fi and LAN Ethernet connection. The main module is able to function as a tablet computer and allows easy access the internet for software& DTC updates, additional car information, and email.

1. Module Design Platform: Modular design allows adding on additional modules for expanded capabilities. These modules include the Scope Box and Sensor Box.
2. Value Added Services: Provides maintenance information, maintenance cases and Internet search service. One Button access for Data and DTC updates, feedback, and searching.
3. Projector and external monitor interface: VGA interface, 800×600 and 1024×768.
4. Network Technology: Supports Wi-Fi wireless
5. Internet communications. It also equipped with an Ethernet port supporting wired Internet connection s and high-speed Internet access.
6. Powerful Functions & Connections: Comprehensive car troubleshooting diagnostics, oscilloscope, engine ignition analysis, sensor simulation, and multimeter functions.
7. Industrial 32 bit CPU computer: Industrial HD computer casing with slide covers.
8. Wide Test Range: Fast diagnostic software detects electronic control system DTC diagnostics and detection malfunctioning sensors and components. The widest range of coverage with 98% coverage of vehicles made worldwide in USA, Europe, and Asia. Smart OBD II and a wide array connection adaptors for all major types of cars.
9. Quick & Easy Updates: Software updates up to1,000 times each year. Update License is per year
Scope Box and Sensor Box
The Scope Box is a 4 channel automotive oscilloscope that is connected to the GDS main unit via the USB port. The Scope Box has fast capturing of circuit signals and can display waveforms at slowed down speeds for observation and analysis. It records and stores the tested signal wave forms for failure analysis and review. Detects, displays, and stores all the electrical signals of amplitude, frequency, shape, pulse width, array five parameters.
4 channel, highest sampling frequency 150MHZ, max storage depth 64MSa, 8-bit resolution. Electrical signals can be compared and examined based on 5 parameter indexes such as amplitude, frequency, shape of signal, pulse width, and array (repetition characteristics of signal s), which can be tested, displayed and stored by the Scope Box. Analyzing wave forms can further detect a variety of faults of sensors, actuators, circuit, and electronic control units (ECU)

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