Pneumatic Air Brake Trainer

Pneumatic Air Brake Trainer .

The Pneumatic Air Brake Trainer should provide a comprehensive system whereby the student may study and understand the principles, operational theory and maintenance of air brake systems found on trucks or large vehicles. The unit should consist of original International branded heavy duty truck pneumatic braking components, which should be mounted onto separate (Truck and Trailer) integrated floor stands, made from powder coated electro galvanized steel, that are mounted onto wheels for mobility. Air hoses should have a quick connection system, allowing for easy connections and experiments. A color coded schematic chart, under a lexon polycarbonate protective screen, of the brake system and circuit’s, should also be mounted onto the trainer for reference.

A. The trainer should provide a system whereby the student may study and understand the principles of the theory and operation of compressed air brake systems as commonly found on trucks.
B. The trainer should consist of original functional components, which are mounted onto a large board that is fitted with a wheeled stand for mobility.
C. The trainer should have two boards, one for the truck system and one for the trailer system. Each of the components should be fitted with a pneumatic quick connect/disconnect system so that the students may quickly connect the system and components in a variety of configurations.
D. The following components must be included:
Main Truck Brake Board:
Pressure Regulator
Air filter
Safety protection valve
Air reservoir tank 1
Air reservoir tank 2
Quick release valve
Air pressure gauge
Hand Control Valve
Low pressure switch
Parking brake valve
Double check valve
Trailer protection valve
Drum brake assembly (2 unit)
Ratio valve
Foot control valve
Brake light
Spring brake chamber
Diaphragm brake chamber
Shut off valve
Drain valve
Trailer protection valve
Low pressure indicator
Trailer coupler
Color schematic brake system diagram

Trailer Air brake Board:
Air storage tank circuit 3
Brake light
Single check valve
Relay emergency valve
Air pressure gauge
Drain valve
Safety valve
Color schematic trailer system diagram
To come complete with comprehensive courseware, operational manual and student job Sheets which provide detailed exercises. Sample Training experimental manual to be provided during the bidding process to ensure all experiments are met

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