Specifications :
1.    Features :

i.    Wheel barrow type
ii.    Warranty 1 year
iii.    Conform ISO-9002 Class A
iv.    Certified by DOSH- FMA1967

2.    Technical Specification :

i.    Voltage : 220~240V 50Hz single phase
ii.    Power : 1.5kW (2HP)
iii.    Displacement  : 300L/min (10.6CFM)
iv.    Speed : 983rpm
v.    No of Cylinder : 2
vi.    Max. Pressure : 10kg/cm2 (142psi)
vii.    Working Pressure : 8kg/cm2 (115psi)
viii.    Tank Capacity : 88L (23gallon)
ix.    Net Weight : 97kg (213lbs)
x.    Dimension : 117 x 49 x 85cm

3.    This item must be installed and supplied with:
•    High Pressure Hose, 8.5mm OD –  x6 roll
•    Air Duster (Branded) – x6 pcs
•    Quick Coupler 20SH, Nitto Type – x 30 pcs
•    Quick Coupler 20PH, 3/8”, Nitto Type– 30 pcs
•    FRL¼” NPT – x 6 unit

4.    Certificate of Fitness for Compressor (PMT)
The Factories and Machinery Act, 1967. The Compressor must be complying with The Factories and Machinery (Notification, Certificate of Fitness and Inspections) Regulations, 1970 Regulation 10(2).

Upon commissioned the Certificate of Fitness for Compressor (PMT) from Department of Safety and Occupational Health (DOSH) must be obtained.

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