Section Vehicle Chassis Trainer

Section Vehicle Chassis Trainer .

The Sectioned Automotive Vehicle Chassis features original components and parts fitted onto a specifically made chassis and stand. These sectioned vehicles to demonstrate the inter-relationships between components of an actual vehicle. The power train features the engine, transmission, and drive system for a Front Wheel Drive Petrol type of drive configurations. The entire drive train is rotated at slow speed by a single phase electric motor, All moving parts, ranging from the engine on through to the final drive at wheel hubs, are easily observed and demonstrated.

All sectioned components are color code painted for easy identification. The chassis is mounted on a moveable floor stand that can moved around for instruction purposes and for storage purposes. The chassis components and stand should be powder coat painted. The trainer should have a 4 cylinder water cooled engine of Japanese technology.

These electromechanical systems should be operational as per the original vehicle; including a fully functional brake system, and the electrical system for all vehicle lighting and signaling systems, windscreen wiper(s), and fuel tank level sensor. Original dashboard & steering wheel stem controls should be functional for these electrical systems, and should be complete with the original fuse and relay systems.

The trainer should come complete with a comprehensive training and workshop manual for detailing automotive vehicle technologies, trainer operation, electrical wiring circuitry and engine to drive train diagrams, and show aspects for the repair of vehicles, this should be provided during the Bidding document to ensure all the above functions are met

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